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Jeanna Ray is a comprehensive skin therapist whose nurturing soul is apparent in every session. Ayurveda and the ancient secrets of beauty and wellness are at the foundation of her skincare and body treatments practice. She is proficient in relaxing, restorative and corrective skincare services, body treatments and Ayurvedic consultations.

​Jeanna is committed to empowering her guests with home care and customized skin education. She enjoys encouraging clients and guests to find joy and richness in clean and nourishing rituals for their body, mind, and soul. 

​Her touch is… 

  • sattvic, tonifying and balancing where there is a deficiency

  • rhythmic, dispersing energy where there is an excess; and 

  • tailored, to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being to each guest

She is a graduate of the Ayurveda Esthetics program at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee and the Esthetic Institute in Vienna, Jeanna is licensed in Wisconsin and Virginia. She currently works at Kosa Wellness Spa and Retreat in Madison, WI and Bodhi Ayurveda in Mequon.


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